About me

pm_pictureI am a physicist, professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Padova and I am a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

My research activity deals with plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Since January 2014 I’m serving as  Leader of the “Medium Size Tokamak Campaigns” Task Force of the European Research Consortium “Eurofusion”. My base for this job is Garching bei Muenchen, in Germany. Here, at the Institut fuer Plasma Physik of the Max-Planck Society is located ASDEX Upgrade, one of the three tokamak devices that we operate in our task force. The other two are TCV at EPFL in Lausanne, and MAST at CCFE in Culham.

Till 2013 I have been the scientific director of the RFX-mod experiment, which is a large device for the study of controlled thermonuclear fusion as a clean, renewable and broadly available energy source. RFX-mod is based in Padova at the Consorzio RFX laboratory, and is operated in the framework of the Euratom-ENEA association.

Since 2015 and till 2017 I am the chair of the “MHD, Disruptions & Control Topical Group” of the International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA), which provides a framework for internationally coordinated fusion research activities.

I like science outreach.  I give public talks on fusion and energy. One of my most recent ones was at the Gevova Science Festival in 2009. Some info on our research can be found in tutto_scienze_fusione.pdf published in the national newspaper “La Stampa” (in italian)

I am member of the “Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti” and of the European Physical Society.


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